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WPTA coaches are passionate about transferring sport values and knowledge to help the sports growth of water polo players and support the overall standards of competition in Western Australia. Our goal is to create a positive and professional work ethics environment where we can prepare athletes to face future challenges in a worldwide scenario.


Raul Ricci

Wesley Water Polo Head   Coach 

uwa water polo club coach 

penrhos water polo head coach

Raul is a passionate  Water Polo coach with almost 20 years experiences. He incorporates his unique Italian style, teaching both the fundamentals of the sport, as well as important life lessons.


Philippa Pedley

Pippa is 19 years old and has been playing water polo since she was 11 at UWA City Beach Water polo club. She has been to 8 club nationals from 2014 – 2019 and started playing national league in 2017 and has played over 50 games. She also was in the U17 State School Girls Team in 2017-2018 and Went of Australian School Girls tour to New Zealand and UK in 2018. She is also currently in the U20 Australian Water Polo Squad and the Pathway to Paris Squad and is a WAIS scholarship holder. 

Tayla Barbas

Tayla been playing waterpolo for 14 years, starting with flippaball and now currently playing A grade for UWA. She played 6 seasons of Australian Water Polo League for the UWA Torpedoes and she  was also selected to play in the Pan Pacific Cup with the Australian 98' team in 2014. Now she spends a lot of her time around the pool coaching multiple teams. 


Glenda has been playing water polo for 11 years. She joined UWA Water Polo Club in 2014, where she went on to play 8 club national championships from U14s to U18s. Glenda began playing for the UWA Torpedoes in 2018. She training with WAIS  and received a scholarship in September 2019. Glenda was also selected for the U21 Australian team and travelled to the World Championships in Portugal in September 2019.  Now she is coaching Penrhos water polo  and Flippaball at UWA Water Polo Club.